Safety Glass: Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a great choice for many applications where safety glass is warranted. This is a fantastic product that provides increased safety on a couple different levels, and you can get yours delivered and installed by a respected area glass company, Arab Glass Est. If you need glass that is safer and more resistant to breaking than standard annealed glass, consider tempered glass and call us to schedule an absolutely free on-site consultation with estimate included – 0126479328

What is tempered glass?

To begin with, tempered glass has approximately four to five times the strength of ordinary glass. Of course this means that it is more durable and much less likely to end up broken. This feature is achieved by heating the glass to an extremely high temperature and then quickly cooling it. This process also makes the glass more capable of withstanding heat, and it changes the way it breaks. Tempered glass does not break into the sharp pieces that we normally associate with broken glass. Instead, if it is fractured, it falls into small pebble-like pieces that are much safer to deal with and easier to sweep up.

When should tempered glass be used?

Tempered glass is useful in many situations. Some common applications include –

  • Patio doors – Since these must hold up to lots of use and are often in high-risk areas – i.e. close to backyard baseball games – tempered glass is a wise choice for your patio door.
  • Shower doors – The doors of the shower are also generally used on a daily basis, and since people are in close contact with the shower glass, tempered glass is typically used here, as well.
  • Commercial doors – These doors are often in areas of both high traffic and high risk of impact, so tempered glass makes sense.
  • Sidelites – This term refers to windows that are right beside a residential or commercial door. Making the window sturdier by using glass with higher durability also keeps the door more secure.

What are the glass options for tempered glass?

With thickness possibilities that include 1/4″, 1/8″, and 1/16″, you can choose the glass that is the best fit for your specific installation. Also, both single pane and double pane tempered glass is available from Arab Glass Est.. Finally, for even more heightened safety, ask our customer service specialist about laminated tempered glass.

What is the process for getting tempered glass from Arab Glass Est.?

  • The journey to quality tempered glass begins by calling 0126479328 and arranging your free conference and estimate with one of our glaziers.
  • At this consultation, the area in need of glass will be inspected, any questions you have will be answered, and information and a free estimate will be provided.
  • With the necessary facts at your disposal, you will select tempered glass in the thickness and dimensions best suited to your project.
  • The necessary measurements will be taken and your glass will be ordered.
  • Your tempered glass will arrive at our shop, and we will contact you to set up the installation at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Professionals will install the tempered glass panels and you can enjoy this safe glass product.

Tempered glass from Arab Glass Est. is a great choice!

Reduce the risk of injury to family, guests, or clients by choosing tempered glass for high-risk installations. When you pick Arab Glass Est.. for your safety glass needs, experienced glaziers are with you every step of the way. We hope to hear from you today – 0126479328