Commercial Glass: Store Fronts

For glass store fronts that give buildings a dramatic new look, team up with Arab Glass Est., conveniently located in KSA, Jeddah. With us, you can choose from exciting options in store fronts, enjoy courteous service, and rely on professional installation of your glass and frame. If you are intrigued by the possibility of a glass store front for your structure, but don’t know where to start, we have the answer to this dilemma. Arab Glass Est. provides a free on-site meeting to get the project started. One of our experienced staff will come to your site and provide information, give you an quote, and answer your questions.

What is a glass store front?

Glass store fronts are composed of both glass and aluminum. An aluminum frame is constructed to the desired dimensions, and panels of glass are installed in this frame. The client can choose from a selection of options for the glass and the aluminum in order to design the storefront that creates the perfect first impression for her or his business.

What are the glass store front possibilities?

Custom store fronts are what we offer you! Supplying the glass product you need for your particular location is a priority at Arab Glass Est. We can build the frame for the store front to fit in any size opening. So whether we are dealing with a modest structure or a building of vast dimensions, an upgrade to a quality glass store front is possible.

What glass options are available for store fronts?

With store fronts from Arab Glass Est. you can choose from many types of glass. These include –

  • Clear glass – a classy and versatile look.
  • Colored glass, achieved either by applying a film or tinting the glass itself.
  • Single pane glass, consisting of only one layer.
  • Insulated glass (insulated units), comprised of two panes with a small air-tight space between them.
  • Laminated insulated glass, an insulated unit made with laminated glass. Laminated glass is composed of two layers of glass adhered to a middle vinyl layer. This is a safety glass since the adhesion to the vinyl keeps the glass in place even if it is broken.

What framing options are available for store fronts?

Both anodized and paint finishes are available for the aluminum framing on our store fronts. Anodizing is a process by which the oxide layer on the outside of the aluminum is thickened, thereby making the product better able to resist wear and corrosion. The most popular anodized finishes for storefronts are clear and dark bronze. These are typically available more quickly and a little cheaper than other choices. Some other options are definitely available, though, such as light bronze and black. If you choose a paint finish, we can do pretty much any color you can think of. Choosing the right finish for your hardware is a how you put the perfect final touch on your striking new store front!

Are there options with less metal?

Arab Glass Est. offers a couple additional options in store fronts for clients who are seeking a more frameless look. One possibility is eliminating the metal on two opposing sides and using structural silicone on these sides instead. Additionally, we can do what are referred to as “all glass walls” where a minimal amount of metal is used just at the top and bottom. Get more information about all the store front possibilities when you meet with one of our glaziers!

Light up your business with a store front from Arab Glass Est.!

A renewed entrance to your building is just a few steps away, so call Arab Glass to learn about our glass store fronts! Be sure to make use of our free estimate and glass consultation offer by calling 0126479328 to make your appointment.