Commercial Glass: Shower Doors

Finish off the showers in your hotel, gym, bed and breakfast, truck stop or other commercial building with high quality shower doors from Arab glass Est. Whether you are seeking to create an aura of luxury or desire the most compact and functional door, we have wonderful options for you! Or perhaps you are not sure what type of shower door would be most appropriate for your building – we can help there, too. At no charge, an Arab Glass Est. specialist will visit you on-site to discuss the features of different types of doors, present pricing info, and give you an estimate. Call today to schedule your consultation.

What are the three types of shower doors?

Choose from terrific frameless, semi-frameless, and framed shower door possibilities.

  • Frameless shower doors are the right choice when a spacious, elegant atmosphere is desired. The unframed glass sections create a more open look, making this one of the most popular shower door types.
  • To get a more frameless appearance as well as some structural support from metal components, choose a semi-frameless design. Here, we use only the framing that is demanded by safety and/or your desired look.
  • For the most budget friendly option and the most structural support, take a look at the framed options. These shower doors are also very appealing and the edges of the glass panels receive a measure of protection from the surrounding frame.

Are there other things to consider before choosing commercial shower doors?

The shower doors you choose will reflect the practical needs and design goals of your business. You will make important selections including –

  • The appearance of the shower glass: clear, tinted, acid-etched, or patterned.
  • The thickness of the shower glass.
  • The style of the hardware, including handles.
  • Your hardware finish; choices range from standard finishes like chrome to trendy red and black options.
  • Swinging or sliding doors.
  • The number of doors per shower.
  • Whether steam showers are desired.

What are the benefits to commerical shower doors?

Shower doors are a great option for commercial settings for a couple reasons. The durability and hard surfaces that they offer makes them a good alternative to shower curtains, which often become torn, stained, or mildew infested. Furthermore, it is simpler and easier to close a door than to make sure a shower curtain is correctly placed to contain the shower water. When the water stays in the shower, this helps maintain your floors by keeping them dry. Additionally, a glass shower door is a great way to make the bath areas in your building more attractive and pleasant for patrons, thus boosting the appeal of your establishment.

Custom shower doors

When you choose shower doors from Arab Glass Est. you can get the products needed to match the conditions in your building. In addition to taking standard measurements, our crew will ascertain whether there are any irregularities such as walls that are out of plumb, corners that are out of square, or surfaces that are out of level. If any or all of these exist, we will make the necessary adjustment in the glass dimensions, so that you will receive shower doors that fit and look terrific.