Sandblasted glass is produced by spraying sand as an abrasive at high velocities over the glass surface which gives the product a varying degree of translucency depending on the blast intensity. This gives the surface a rough texture greater than that obtained by etching, however with a protective coating applied (Clearshield) the surface looks and feels like etched glass at a much more reasonable cost.

A number of growing trends in the glass community have begun to emerge revolving around the desire to combine glass and artwork into one single component. While there are a variety of different methods to achieve this appearance, one of the more dependable techniques involves sandblasting custom designs onto the glass itself. With the help of our in-house design team, any design imaginable can be sandblasted onto the glass surface including company logos, corporate slogans, as well as artistic designs.

To achieve these looks, the required designs are printed out and laid on of the surface of the glass, with the areas that are to remain transparent masked for protection. Sand is then blasted at the product, with the degree of translucency varying based on the coarseness of sand and pressure being used.