Beveled Mirrors

Beautify your home with beveled mirrors from Arab Glass Est.! Putting a beveled edge on a piece of mirror glass makes it more decorative, and this is perfect for many interior designs. Choose the shape and size that’s right for your application and remember that we can also custom cut mirrors. Beveled mirrors can bring a splash of glamor to your living area; they can serve as attractive full-length mirrors; and they are a great choice for a vanity mirror. You will want to explore all your mirror options before making a selection, and we provide a free, no-hassle way for you to do this. You can schedule a consultation, and one of our glass and mirror professionals will come to your home to present mirror options, answer questions, and provide an estimate – all at no charge to you! Take the first step toward enhancing your home with beveled mirrors by calling us today – 0126479328

What are beveled mirrors?

Not everyone is familiar with the term “beveled mirror”, but we have all seen these lovely mirrors. The contour of the glass around the edge of the mirror determines whether or not it is a beveled mirror. A regular mirror is uniformly smooth, and the glass near the edge is no different from the rest of the mirror’s surface. On a beveled mirror, the glass around the perimeter slants downward and ends in a thin polished edge. This look is created by running the mirror glass through a machine that cuts the glass around the perimeter and polishes the edge to a safe and aesthetically pleasing degree of smoothness.

What shape options are available for beveled mirrors?

Arab Glass Est. supplies and installs beveled mirrors in a variety of shapes such as:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Circle

Select the shape that’s right for your room and personal tastes!

Can beveled mirrors be used in the bathroom?

For a terrific look, try beveled mirrors from Arab Glass Est. in your bath area. These are a great choice for the area above the sink. Consider a wall-to-wall beveled vanity mirror or one that reaches the ceiling; these are choices that can really illuminate your bathroom as light reflects off these vast mirrors. And don’t forget the powder room – an oval beveled mirror above the sink is a perfect match for many decorating styles.

What about full-length beveled mirrors?

Add something special to the bedroom or dressing room in your home by replacing your old full-length mirrors with beveled mirrors from Arab Glass Est. We can cut the mirror to your specifications so you can coordinate your apparel from footwear to headgear with one easy glance in the mirror! And simplify the morning rush by ensuring that you have a sufficient number of these mirrors to conveniently meet your household’s needs.

What is the installation process for beveled mirrors?

There are a couple methods of installation for beveled mirrors, depending on the shape chosen. If the mirror is flat along the lower edge, it rests on J-channel, L-bar, trim, etc. The weight of the glass makes it necessary for the mirror to rest on a support of some kind. Furthermore, the mirror is glued to the wall with mirror mastic. For shapes that are not flat across the bottom, like oval, we use small clear plastic clips that are attached to the wall with screws.

Why are custom beveled mirrors the perfect fit?

Your custom beveled mirrors will fit correctly in the space you select. When we take the necessary measurements we also inspect the area, checking for walls that are out of plumb, corners that are out of square, and surfaces that are out of level. If any or all of these conditions are present, we will adjust the mirror dimensions accordingly. Arab Glass Est. will cut your new mirrors to fit properly in your bathroom.

Why order your beveled mirrors from Arab Glass Est.?

If beveled mirrors sound like the right choice for adding sparkle and elegance to your home, call Arab Glass Est. As a trusted local company, we offer quality mirrors with professional installation. Our free in-home consultation and estimate offer makes it easy to get started. Pick up the phone and call today to schedule yours! 0126479328